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random sample from business information database

b2b business company contacts corporate list websites
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    ZIP archive worldwide-companies-r10k/, worldwide-companies-r10k/terms-of-use.txt, worldwide-companies-r10k/description.csv, worldwide-companies-r10k/registration_number.csv, worldwide-companies-r10k/alias.csv, worldwide-companies-r10k/vat_number.csv, worldwide-companies-r10k/company.csv, worldwide-companies-r10k/industry_tags.csv, worldwide-companies-r10k/sic.csv, worldwide-companies-r10k/phone.csv, worldwide-companies-r10k/address.csv, worldwide-companies-r10k/associated_domains.csv

random 10,000 worldwide companies sampled from HitCompanies (all data in this DB extracted and updated automatically from WWW using AI and Machine Learning): company name and aliases, company description, industry tags, industry codes, registration numbers, addresses, phone numbers, VAT numbers, website, number of about/contact/management/product pages, incorporation date, team size, number of clients and partners, number of emails, number of key changes (client/partner changes, contact changes, people changes), and many more.

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    by jo_kruger on 2013-11-18 15:15

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